Why We're Unique

We work and live in Silicon Valley, the home to high tech, fast paced companies. We bring this mentality and work ethic to our business every day. We move quickly and efficiently. We get things done. Delivering “you need it yesterday” is normal for us. We don’t get bogged down in bureaucracy and red tape.

What We Do

We teach and train people to rebuild their own communities. By participating in the process of “raising up” buildings, we believe dignity and self-respect can be instilled and restored. (Extollo means “raise up” in Latin). We want to help communities build permanent homes, churches and schools using:

  • Local labor
  • Readily available local materials

How We Do It

Using our design/build techniques and vast experience in construction, development and training, we partner with established organizations to build structures that are:

  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality and permanent
  • Expandable in size to fit different needs
  • Earthquake and hurricane resistant where needed

As We Build

  • We create jobs, training nationals with employable skills
  • We stimulate local economies, employing nationals in our projects

Our plan is uniquely simple.....educating Haitians to rebuild Haiti resulting in reduced unemployment, less crime and improving the quality of life and living conditions of the Haitian people.

Sherman Balch,

Founder & CEO

On January 12, 2010, Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake. It was at that time that God started dealing with me about going to Haiti and using the gifts He had given me to help rebuild this country that had been torn apart by death and destruction. In March 2010, I traveled to Haiti with a team from Cornerstone Fellowship.


Bruce Kirkpatrick,

Director of Communications

Over the past two years of my Christian walk, I have been studying spiritual gifts and calling with a large group at my church. I have learned the distinction between natural talents and spiritual gifts and more specifically, how to call upon the Holy Spirit to guide me.