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A Five Day Journey Distributes 50,000 Meals to Hurricane Victims in Jeremie

Monday, May 01, 2017

Finally the moment has arrived for the Kids Against Hunger team to head out to distribute 50,000 meals packed by community members from Leogane, Haiti.  

This five day journey will take them to the Grand'Anse region where the hurricane hit.  They will travel to the farthest southwest tip of Haiti to two small towns, Chambellan and Abricots.

Once the boxes are loaded up with the driver, they're on their way.Passing the fields in Cavallion, the team is encouraged to see leaves on the trees and crops beginning to grow, but for many farmers in this region it will take months and years for crops to be harvested, including bananas and mango.

After a full day's drive, they arrive in Chambellan and the kids prepare food tickets to pass out to the families in the morning.
Thanks to great planning by Krista Germeil of partner organization Haiti Bible Mission and Haiti One, the distribution goes smoothly.

The families patiently await their tickets to be able to receive one of 100 boxes of food for distribution.
Emmanuel will help pass out the boxes. Before the food is distributed, the team explains the ingredients in the food, how it should be cooked and that all of the meals were packed by Haitians in Haiti with Haitian grown rice!  A big thanks goes to Anglessan for making a list of all of the families to participate.

Each box contains 36 bags of food or 216 meals.

These meals bring smiles to the faces of everyone who receives them!

This young boy is excited to carry his families' food home, Haitian-style on his head.
The next stop is Abricot, but the team discovers there are no trucks willing to take them.  Their options are to transport the food 5 boxes at a time by motorcycle or to go by boat.  They choose the sea voyage!

Several hours later, tired, thirsty and sunburned they arrive at the port. This is not where the food will be handed-out and the local town is frustrated to be left out so the team must quickly pack up and head out.  A three hour hike in the rain follows before they arrive at their hosts' home, where they will sleep on a cement floor.

The next day brings the excitement of food distribution!

Tickets are given out and 112 families receive boxes of food in Abricot.

They have travelled from way down the mountain-side to receive their food.  Dependent on the food they can grow themselves, the hurricane has wiped them out.  This food is so appreciated!

Thank you Cornerstone Fellowship Church and Kids Against Hunger for joining Extollo on this amazing journey.  An equally BIG thanks goes to Amy Van Horn and her amazing crew, Carlos Joinville, Mackenson Louisjean, & Emmanuel Fongene, for a two-week packing and distribution adventure that has changed the lives of so many in Haiti.


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