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Kids Against Hunger Food Packing Event Takes Place in Haiti

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Thanks to generous donations from Cornerstone Fellowship Church and Kids Against Hunger, http://kidsagainsthungerpleasanton.org, the first Kids Against Hunger food packing event took place at the Extollo Training Center in Bercy, Haiti. 

During the two-day event, 10,000 meals were packed by local area residents.

Through the end of January, an additional 100,000 meals will be packed.

All of the food will be distributed in southwest Haiti where Hurricane Matthew destroyed crops and food is desperately needed.

Thirty women from Bercy, the new location for Extollo's Training Center, volunteered their time to help out with the event.

To stimulate the Haitian economy, the meals were packed using Haitian grown rice, in addition to Kids Against Hunger vitamin supplements, soy and vegetables shipped from the US. 

Volunteers were served a delicious Haitian-style lunch prepared with Kids Against Hunger food topped with Haitian bean sauce, chicken and vegetables.

Some new friendships were formed (Tchali and Jaron give a thumbs up)

And we saw some familiar faces, including Kids Against Hunger veterans Michael Elola and Amy Van Horn, who trained volunteers and helped lead the event.

And Dezman Fleury Orphanage project graduates, Mackenson and Emmanuel, who joined from Leogane to help with the packing event.

We’re so grateful to Cornerstone Fellowship Church and Kids Against Hunger for making this event a reality.

And for giving us an opportunity to work together to take care of our brothers and sisters in southwest Haiti.

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