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Students Receive Perfect Scores in Jan 2017 Welding Class

Monday, January 16, 2017

Bill Hegland and Roger Brownell made their second trip to Haiti to teach Arc Welding Level I, bringing with them their "A" game. They introduced new lessons in fabrication, implemented additional safety measures and provided Level II training to a graduate how employed as a welder.  Eight students attended the 2-week class.  

In week 1 training, the students learned safety and how to use welding and fabrication equipment.

Important to welding is learning how to square off materials before joining them.

Students excelled in their written welding safety tests, with a bunch of perfect scores!

The practical exam required that everyone create a flat and fillet weld.  All of the students passed and received their Arc Welding Level I Certificate.  This is a first for Extollo to see every student become certified!

A proud student shows off her practical test results.

Welding practice took place at the new welding station, which helps protect students and on-lookers from the dangers of the arc and sparks.

Throughout the two weeks, class was split into 2 groups of 4 working alternately on fabrication or welding for 3-4 hours per session. During fabrication, the students rotated through 5 work stations to create pickets for a metal fence.
Once fabricated, the pickets were welded together to create a metal fence. At the end of the class project, the group had completed 380 ft of fencing.

Trainer Wilkens Versaille teaches a student how to press the picket ends flat.

Trainer and Welder, Mirlande Croisile, completes the finishing welds on the fence. She also received Level II training, learning how to use a wire welder and weld overhead and vertically.

The finished metal fence, installed at the Extollo Training Center, awaits a coat of paint. 

Extollo's training team was pleased to share that all eight trainees gained sufficient proficiency to qualify them to be hired as apprentice-level welders.  We're so proud of these graduates!

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