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Volunteer Stories

MIKE ELOLA'S STORY: This was my second trip to Haiti. No matter how many trips we make, everything we encounter teaches us that faith, hope and love are the most important things we need in life. Whether trying to desperately help a baby in a critical condition to get to the hospital or teaching the Haitians in the construction work, there is the hope that prevails: “God has these Haitians covered in HIS plan”.

SHANE BALCH'S STORY: Are we spoiled brats? Many of us take everything for granted; our parents, family, friends and really, all the things that we have in life. I think we need to stop and think about why we have what we have and be more grateful to God. I have been in construction for almost 18 years now and have learned a lot of skills from my dad. God has given him a vision of how he can put his construction skills to use in Haiti.