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Our Vision is to create a trained workforce
in Haiti with employable skills so Haitians
can rebuild Haiti.

Our Mission includes training Haitians with construction skills as they are paid to build our projects. CURRENT PROJECT >

Future Goals include building a Training Center and Trade School in Haiti. LEARN MORE >

Welcome to Extollo

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The January 12, 2010, magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit near Leogane, 25 miles west of Port-au-Prince, killing over 230,000 and leaving 1 million homeless.
Our long-range vision includes a trade school in Haiti where we teach construction skills. Now we do that on the job site. Photo by Jane Tyska.
With our construction skills, Haitians can find jobs, feed their families, and send their children to school.
Mason trainees spend one or two days learning how to spread the right amount of mortar.
Avery Pratt, Extollo's director of training - instructing on the proper way to lay block.
Trainees are tested and graded on how well they can build a lead. Is it plumb, level, straight, and with proper mortar joints?
With unemployment approaching 70%, our training is crucial to the Haitian economy - and Haitian families.
Trained masons laying block on the wall that surrounds the orphanage. Now they are on the payroll.
Our hands-on training includes masonry, carpentry, plumbing and electrical.
As a comparison, trained masons built the wall on the left.

Current Events and News

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April 29, 2016

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