Bruce Kirkpatrick

Director of Communications

As my study of gifts and calling intensified, so did my conversations with God. I learned to listen more and talk less. Strong Christian mentors guided me through this enlightenment period, helping me understand both my gifts but also God’s voice.

My fervent prayer over the past 18 months or so has been: God show me how you want to use me for your Kingdom.

I broke away from the corporate world in the 1990s to start my own marketing, PR and advertising business and over years have worked with several Christian organizations, both on a paid and pro bono basis. But my focus has been to work mostly with high tech clients, since I spent my formative vocational years working in that atmosphere. With that background and experience I thought God might answer my prayer and lead me to work full-time for a ministry or church. I even tried to force fit my gifts and talents into a job opportunity at a church; that job was eliminated – God had other plans for me.

I first became involved with the relief efforts in Haiti through our small group at church. My wife and I had looked at several opportunities to help, but were mystified with how many people needed help and how many organizations were forming to offer it. The choices were unlimited but the results were hard to see. So we held off contributing. Then a daughter of one of our small group members planned a trip to Haiti to offer her nursing skills. We supported her financially and with prayer. Finally, we found a concrete way to contribute.

When Sherman Balch called me with the opportunity to work with his vision of building homes, schools and churches in Haiti, I felt a profound answer to my prayer. God was telling me I could use the talents he gave me and my spiritual gifts of leading, teaching and serving – and to see real, concrete results on the ground in Haiti for my efforts.

I feel this is just the first step He has planned for me to shift my business to His work, to shift my focus to His plan for my life, and to realize my full potential as He has designed it. Praise God!

Sherman Balch,

Founder & CEO

On January 12, 2010, Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake. It was at that time that God started dealing with me about going to Haiti and using the gifts He had given me to help rebuild this country that had been torn apart by death and destruction. In March 2010, I traveled to Haiti with a team from Cornerstone Fellowship.


Bruce Kirkpatrick,

Director of Communications

Over the past two years of my Christian walk, I have been studying spiritual gifts and calling with a large group at my church. I have learned the distinction between natural talents and spiritual gifts and more specifically, how to call upon the Holy Spirit to guide me.